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Band 4G LTE sony Xperia xz1 compact DOCOMO - band unlock

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Hello, sorry for my English. I wanted to ask you a technical question: I have a sony XZ1 compact version Docomo (Japanese) that does not come with the 4GLTE band 20, I live in France and this band is essential. Is there any way to add that band 20? is it something software or hardware? The phone is rooted. Thanks for all your help

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Hi and welcome @Xavinaz


Availability of band is related with model of device. Xperia XZ1 Compact is available in two variants: G8441, SO-02K. If you have SO-02K I don't have good news for you 😞

You can try to flash European firmware because modem should be the same but is a bit risky. It could unlock 4G LTE band 20 but we know cases when the mobile was bricked after this operation. I suppose that more firmware modification is needed - swap of modem file, maybe some other file's edition. What is more you can meet problem during flashing - probably only NewFlasher could help. 


To sum up - it is possible but not many cases with confirmation of success. If you don't care about device, you can try. 

Pisząc na forum rozwijasz naszą społeczność i wspierasz XperiaSite.pl. 

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